Insite - Not Just Injecting, But Connecting

Creator: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)
Issue: harm reduction, access to care
Contact: István Gábor Takács, Stefania Kapronczay;

Description: HCLU's video advocacy group traveled to Vancouver to film about Insite, the only legally operating injecting facility in North-America. When we have arrived to Hastings Street, Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, where Insite is located, we were taken aback by the magnitude of the street drug use scene we found there. Hundreds of marginalized people live on the streets -- they are virtually homeless because I would not call those crowded staffy buldings home where they get cheap a bed and breakfast. A lot of them come from other parts of Canada, where the climat is colder and there are no services like Insite, and all the other health and social services the Portland Hotel Society provides to drug users.

Country: Canada
Population: People Who Use Drugs
Issue: Access to Healthcare, Harm Reduction
Length: > 30 Minutes
Language (Spoken): English
Language (Subtitles): English