Access to Palliative Care: The Rights of At-Risk Patients

Creator: New Media Advocacy Project
Description: Access to basic pain-killing medications is something that many countries and communities take for granted. However, because of antiquated Soviet-era laws and fears of drug trafficking, Armenians lack access to one of the most effective forms of pain relief- oral opioids. According to Armenian law, only cancer patients can receive opioids, effectively leaving thousands of other patients to suffer needlessly. Although oral morphine is generally used in hospitals around the world, the government fears that legalization of opioids will lead to black market distribution and addiction. This video was made as part of a campaign advocating for greater accessibility to palliative care.

Country: Armenia
Population: People with Cancer, People with Chronic Pain
Issue: Access to Medicines, Palliative Care
Length: 5 - 15 Minutes
Language (Spoken): Armenian
Language (Subtitles): English